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Pasha is an undiscovered singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Pasha singlehandedly recorded and produced three albums starting with "Conversion" in 2010 and singles as early as 2007. Pasha released his second album "New Root Race" in 2011 and third album "432 Hz Music" in 2013. Pasha also creates art and t-shirt designs.

Pasha’s unique music is a fusion of many genres such as Rock, Reggae, Dub, Dancehall, Surf, Ambient/Downtempo, Worldbeat, Trance, and Ragadub. Pasha performs, records, and produces his music from song writing to mastering and his lyrics are about spreading consciousness, positive energy, inspiration, and love.


Video: "Nibiru"



Video: Birth of Aquarius Album: Conversion


Video: Smooth Remedy Album: Conversion Artist: Pasha





432 Hz Music by Pasha

432 Hz Music (2013)

Trip to Paradise (Club Mix) 2011

Trip to Paradise (Club Mix) (2011) iTunes / Amazon

New Root Race (2011)

New Root Race (2011) iTunes / Amazon

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