432 Hz

432Hz is the Natural Frequency, also known as Pythagorean tuning or Scientific Tuning. Musical note A(la) tuned to 432 Hz is the original pitch since antiquity when Pythagoras determined the ratios of music scientifically and mathematically. His followers were musicians, as well.

432 Hz coincides with DNA synthesis, closely resembles the Schumann Resonance (the heartbeat of our planet), and opening of the Chakras. 432hz is the pitch that was mostly used in Ancient Egypt (and other ancient civilizations) all the way to the time of great Classical musicians of the 1800’s. 432hz is divisible by 2 and 3, however 440 (the current world standard) is only divisible by 2. Perhaps this is why in sound wave experiments 432hz takes the shape of a triangle.

432 Hz is liberating. It more perfect and more in tune with the natural cycles.