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Pasha grew up in a musically inclined family. His father was a master violinist, who to this day plays the guitar and sings for fun at friends parties. His mother played the piano and her mother – Pasha’s grandma has been a piano and vocal teacher for most of her life and at over 70 years old to this day she gives piano lessons to young children at a public school!

It is no surprise that from early on Pasha was into music. At 5 he enjoyed singing songs along to his grandparent’s vinyl record player. Two years later Michael Jackson became Pasha’s first music icon. To this day Pasha has the 1983 tape recording of Thriller and he was privileged to see Michael Jackson live in the 90’s with his father. Art was Pasha’s other hobby and at 10 years of age Pasha was blessed with the privilege to personally give two of his art pieces along with his school’s best to the Queen of England Elizabeth II.

Pasha moved to Santa Barbara, California at 13 years old with his mother. There his mother bought him his first musical instrument – the tenor saxophone. Shortly after he joined the 8th grade La Colina Junior High School orchestra and continued until his last high school years. at San Marcos High School in Santa Barbara.

During those high school years Pasha was introduced and predominantly consumed by the music of Bob Marley and the Wailers, Jimi Hendrix, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 311, 2Pac, Burning Spear, Israel Vibrations, Carlos Santana, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Enigma, Sade, and many many other talented artists.

At 15 Pasha got his first taste of mixing music tracks on his home computer. After graduating high school at about 18 years of age he taught himself how to play the guitar by watching Jimi Hendrix performing at Woodstock on VHS over and over again and practicing everyday even if it had to be in the car or in the middle of the night. That’s when Pasha also got into recording and producing his own material.

Produced during the first decade of the New Millennium (2001-2010) this effort can be found on Pasha’s debut album titled “Conversion” released in 2010 with a follow up album “New Root Race” in 2011. “432 Hz Music” , Pasha’s third album was released in 2013 and it features all of Pasha’s songs remastered in 432 Hz frequency alongside new remixes.

Pasha’s latest album is titled “432 Hz” released on the blue moon of July 31st, 2015!

432 Hz features remixes, instrumental music, and an acoustic song! 8 of the 9 tracks may be classifed as EDM (Electronic Dance Music), although each track has it’s own unique influences from Dancehall and Reggae, to Rock and Surf, from Dub and Dubstep to Ambient and Chillout. No combinations genere terms may presiecely define this release. Best way is to have a listen and feel it for yourself!