Pasha 808 – Sunrise [432 Hz] Dance Music Remix

Brand new 2018 EDM music remix! Pasha 808 – Sunrise [432 Hz] Dance Remix Exclusive YouTube preview! A little bit of trance mixed with a little bit of dancehall! Stay tuned for more fresh music in 432 Hz!!

Hidden Island [Trance Remix] (432 Hz)

Hidden Island (432 Hz) [Trance Remix] by Pasha 808 from the 2017 Album: 432Hz Dance Music Uplifting trance remix by Pasha 808. This is one of the first songs I’ve ever written and produced. Believe it or not, I started working on it more…

Trip to Paradise (432 Hz) Uplifting Trance

Trip to Paradise (432Hz Trance Mix) by Pasha official video. Uplifting, positive trance in 432 Hz. iTunes:  

How to play SLOGANS by Bob Marley | Guitar chords

Learn how to play Bob Marley – Slogans on guitar, keyboard, or piano using this video tutorial and┬áchords! Guitar lesson by Pasha. (Optional, but recommended) Tune your instrument┬áto A=432 Hz frequency Follow the video for timing Use these chords: C, G, am, F (2…